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Press Releases

Importantly, webcasting AGMs is also a secure medium. Most platforms come with registration or password mechanisms to ensure that all information is made available to authorized viewers only.

The key benefits of Live Streaming Press Releases are

  • Increased audience capacity (more people than can fit in your venue)
  • Equality of access (renders distance, isolation & disability issues redundant)
  • Reduced travel & accommodation costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Ease of compliance (critical for publically listed companies and Govt agencies)
  • Accurate & instant stats & tracking (who is actually watching, critical for compliance)
  • Mobile device streaming (smartphones, iPads, etc)
  • Social media integration (for Twitter feed voting, etc)

Our end-to-end service portfolio includes

  • Multi camera shoots
  • Multimedia integration (Powerpoint slides, video, etc)
  • Multi-bitrate streaming (enabling more devices & more viewers to access your stream)
  • Closed captioning (critical for those with compliance issues)

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