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Town Hall Webcasts

Live Stream your Town Hall Meetings live company wide

For most large—enterprise organizations, the company all-hands or town hall meeting has been one of the most important events in a corporate communications strategy. The company town hall is typically an annual or quarterly meeting, attended by every employee, that allows the CEO and/or management to present company goals, awards and recognition, engage in planning sessions, and provide inspiration for the work ahead.

Extend Reach and Value of Town Hall Meeting

Bring your town hall meetings to ALL of your employees with Live Streaming. Unfortunately, as employees become more globally dispersed, it becomes less feasible to gather them in a single location. It’s costly, time-consuming, and detrimental to normal business functions. While simple conferencing can allow remote employees to listen to or view a town hall meeting, they have no way to directly participate in the activities of the meeting. By integrating virtual communications from Live Streaming, all of your employees can fully participate in town hall meetings.

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